Sick Testo

Testo Sick

I'm sick of fake friends who claim they'll be there til the very end
And then within a week later, they play you and have the nerve to grin
I'm sick of hearing "Pop! Pop!" Followed by 20 something cops
Speeding down the block tryna figure out who the fuck just got shot
I'm sick of seeing horrible rappers on magazines and TV screens
Bragging about their life while I'm stuck seeing these dope fiends
Sick of seeing my momma struggling
Sick of seeing the only way to get up outta this city is drug smuggling
Sick of tryna appeal to a fan base that does not exist
Sick of people only messaging me when their gonna slit their wrist
I try to help but they say it ain't none of my business
The blade skates across the skin, I keep pleading for them to end this
But they don't
Sick of seeing my fam happy on VHS
I feel like I made everything a mess
Now I'm feeling depressed
I'm sick of feeling less
I'm sick of feeling stressed
Sick of not getting rest
Sick of feeling like I got some shit up on my chest
I'm sick of feeling like I ain't shit
Sick of seeing the liquor store as the brightest thing on this fuckin environment
Sick of niggas telling me my joint was all that
As soon as I turn my back, these mothafuckas call me wack
I'm sick of people lying
I'm sick of people dying
I'm sick of people crying
I'm sick of hearing people trying to fight while everybody just keep on eyeing
I'm sick of the world playing all these tricks
To put it short for y'all folks
I'm getting sick and tired of y'all bullshit

And in despair, I bowed my head
"There is no peace on earth" I said
For hate is strong and marks the song
For peace on earth, good will do men

And when you wake up each mornin'
Aren't you glad that you were bor-
[record scratches]