Struggle Testo

Testo Struggle

You wanna see the definition of struggle?
Then bring yo ass down to 7 mile and hubble
And you'll see somebody outside that dollar sto'
Hands out, down on their luck, askin for dough
Or come my way and see a 60 year old consming a bottle
Of colt 45 he brought with a couple of dollars
That he coulda used to win the lotto
But he chose to drown out his sorrow
Cause he tired of life, he feelin like ''fuck tomorrow"
There's trash in the back in the house where friends used to stay
Broken glass on the concrete where the kids play
'round here, the motto is do dope and fuck hope
Tryna cope with this stress so i smoke until I choke
But even the smoke from the cannibis sativa couldn't blind
Reality: people around me bout to lose they mind
You wonder why I be so serious with my skill
It's because around here the struggle is real

To all my people on the street: keep yo head up
All my people who can't eat: Keep yo head up
All my people with no jobs: keep yo head up
All my people who gotta rob: keep yo head up
All my people who gotta beg: keep yo head up
All my people who wanna be dead: keep yo head up
All my people going thru it: keep yo head up
Cause we gon make it

I realized that this world is real cold
When I saw momma cry when I was 7 years old
We was on the verge of losing the house and being on the street
She got laid off, we barely made enough money to eat
Fast forward to now, we livin off ebt
I'm watching cribs like I was 7 up on my TV
I got my hopes up until I go and walk to the store
Hope is no more. I got reminded that I'm poor
If my music ain't poppin and I don't get a deal
I swear I'm bout to say fuck everything and start slangin pills
And I ain't sayin that just so I can get street appeal
I'm contemplating goin out and gettin myself killed
Because I'm desperate. Desperate to get my ass outta this city
Its easy to die here cause everybody attitude is shitty
I look at the place that I'm from and I resent it
Unfortunately, every thing I said on this verse, I meant it

I wanna see my babies live the lifestyle that I never had
Give them everything they need, so they can look up to dad
Everytime I perform in front of a crowd
I think about the times when I told my momma that I would make her proud
When I was a child she told me she wanted a jaguar
So I work my ass off to get her that dream car
I'm just tryna be heard, But people keep on thinkin that
I'm just another soundcloud rapper thinkin that I can rap
Makes me wanna say fuck rap and get a gun
And start robbing everybody that I see to get funds
But I was taught that persistance will get you a long way
And hard work and no play will eventually start to pay
So fuck chill, I'm keep buggin yall bout my skill until
All of this world start realizing shit is real
And you wonder what I'm so serious bout my music for?
It's because I'm fuckin sick and tired of being poor

This EP was dedicated to my nigga dezel davis and the memory of all the people who fell victim to the struggle. There's another way out...besides suicide

Yikes Jameer. You really have been through a whole lot these past couple of months