Troubled Testo

Testo Troubled

I graduated. Now it's time for me to pay the bills
But it's hard when no one pays attention to ya skills
It seems like everything is getting on my last nerve
This fall, I gotta go to college in the suburbs
Only to come back to a place full of frustration
And watch a skinny lady suffer from starvation
And watch somebody put two "footballs" inside of their cups
Mix it with faygo pop and then proceed to drink it up
I lost 2 dearest friends: my nigga zel done killed himself
The other one was doing things that was bad for her health
She's still alive but the drugs convinced her to backstab
Now, on my back you can see an emotional scab
Not to mention, I cannot think of nothing but death
I seen things, I'm worried that I'll take my last breath
Before it's my time. Away my piece of mind went
Seeing two bodies. Cause of death: a car accident
My neighbor said that I'm too young to feel this type of stress
But since I saw blood on them seats, I cannot get no rest
I go to grandma's house, the neighbors there get loud at night
I'm sick of hearing them bastards getting into fights
Try to promote myself, but I always get shot down
They saying that I ain't gon make it, no one likes my Sound
So if I die, I don't want none of y'all folks to mourn
Cause I'm glad that I escape this everlasting thunderstorm

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