Family Matters Testo

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Testo Family Matters

Age 7, watching cribs on channel 38
Used to idolize the mansions with the big gates
Flash back to reality, The house is full of hate
Mom mad at stepdad. he tried to dictate
How we was gon live. mom got laid off. He ain't got a job
But yet he tried to play it off like he was the boss while he sat on his ass
Ask him to look for a job, he'd look at us and laugh and tell me to pass
The last cigarette so he could smoke. Ma paid the bills while he sat back and joked
Tension was in the air, especially at night. One time I watched TV As him and my brother
Got in a fight
Momma stood in line at 5 o'clock in the mornin to get us some food while this nigga was snoring
After my brother left for college, things got rough
Around that time, my momma decided she had enough

Age 10, Started off decent. Met a brother for life
Joined a music school. Started crushing on a potential wife
Things looked cool but then It got bad real fast
Got dissed by my whole class
And then my step dad brought his ass
Back to the house cause he ain't have nowhere to go
Longer hair, different age, same bitch ass nigga tho
It wasn't long before they started arguing again
Left the house again. Now my mom without a spouse again
Then I found out through my friend my momma might have cancer
The fuck did i do to deserve this?! I'm looking for an answer
And I remember back at summer camp, they use to hurt me
Talkin shit, playin me, Constantly tryna urk me
And just when I thought this bad luck would rest
My pops told me some bad news, Adding on some more stress

Now we here. April 28th, 2017. 9:56 at night, I'm wishin my life was dream. I wish my nana was here. I wish my nigga was here
But all I got is pictures, And I'm starting to shed tears
Found out a lotta shit about my past. And now I'm worried my future cause I feel like people out to get my ass
Found out my nana was squatting in that white house on church street. Exposed to shit while I was young. Memories still hurt me
And I find myself constantly pushed to edge
And all my friends keep on tellin me they wish they was dead
I still live in the house where all the bullshit happened. Tryna move the fuck on but nobody wanna hear me rappin
I'm trying my best to contain this anger, but containing this shit will only put my life in danger
They say I need to calm down. But them niggas can't tell I'm suffering like fuck and I feel like I'll live better in hell

Al hibbler record: "Though it makes him sad to see the way we live, he'll always say 'I'll forgive'"