Shine On Testo

Testo Shine On

So shine on with the feeling you had Never let me go, ´cause I´m feeling sad So shine one with the feeling we shared Can´t wait for the time to give you A piece of my love How it started while I needed a change I was happy for a while, but how it remained Never forget how you made us great Cherish the moment and appreciate Now the road has come to an end It´s hard to imagine and I can´t pretend Refrain Remember the time of our secret success The travels we made, we gave it the best Fyling, driving, riding through life It´s the end of the road And it cuts like a knife Hold out your hands once again New things appear as we face the end Refrain Just cause things won´t be the same Our memories they will never change The future shines a new day on the way Oh oh oh oh oh So keep the feeling baby Oh oh oh oh oh Won´t let you out of sight Oh oh oh oh oh So keep the feeling baby Refrain