So In Love Testo

Testo So In Love

So in love So in love with you She´s my daylight - She´s open my eyes like heaven open the door No more grey skies fading over I had no more - It´s so easy to say Every day now - I´m jumping for joy At a gaze I´m flying so high And could it be try If there´s an angel in you Will you send From a higher sky Baby i´m so in love with you It sounds a little crazy but it´s true Baby, i´m so in love now Keep on believing That you´re the one I´ve been searching for all my life Fatique always die So many nights I dream of fall in love But it never seems to pass my way And there´s no turning back I´m here the good you see Missing no game It´s a loving fate Chorus Waiting all my life for you You see so could it be There´s an angel in you Oh it seems to good to be true So in love with you Chorus