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Why? Why Why Since You've Gone I'm Hanging Around Imagining Sounds Is Reminding Me Of Times That Used To Be I Feel My World is Crumbling Down Suddenly I Realize That Now I've Got To Make It On My Own Now I've Got To Make It On My Own Why Why Why Did You Run Away? You've Gone Away Forever The Devil's Made Me Pay I Thought That You Would Never Kill My Dreams With Pain And Run away Forever Leaving Me This Way Maybe There Were Some Mistakes Hangin' Around In Disguise Hey Baby I Tried And Tried Thinking About The Dreams We Shared Together I Thought They Would Be Our's Forever And I'm Screaming Chorus Repeat When The Day Becomes The Night And I Fear To See The Light Then I Wake Up And Realize I Miss You All The Time Now I've Got To Make It On My Own Cause Now I've Got To Make It All Alone Chorus Repeat And I'm Screaming Up To Heaven You're Killing Me This Way You've Gona Away Forever You're Leavin' Me This Way