Customized Genotype Testo

Testo Customized Genotype

No way out of those plains of misery
I try to run out but there's no
Fuckin' escape from this reality
I will break the chains of silence
Plague is coming, death's awaiting,
Run for cover

My pattern of existence,
Resumed to despair is the mirror of my own defect
Structures of a higher breed is now at call
To rule this self-deluded society

Away from an empty fate, we try to,
Dislocate from this ruined destiny
No more future, no more pain to deceive
The end is near
No more questions blind us

You and I will never be the same, mind-locked in a shell.
Never to be so lame, ask yourself
There's no answers above ground,
Rust and deceit are at work,
Only lies to recall

Systematic errors disconnected our path to failure,
There will be no more ignorance
Machinery running through our spinal cords,
Rewritten database to call our minds