Subversive Mind Testo

Testo Subversive Mind

I draw the lines of hectic patterns of my own decay
Lost in burning paths, corporal insanity
Living through mental integration of a broken system,
Decode my soul to a higher level of failure, sanctified

I fall down upon my knees to analyze, realize
I'm stepping back on my fate, trying to change
I am nothing but a fool, disconnected and re-adapted
Endlessly defying myself to ignore
Staring back at our own demise
Subverse your ways, unlock your thoughts
Free your empty minds,
Living through cycles and mental defects

Lifting the darkness,
The madness from our subversive minds
In our distress, we fail to control what's damned

They keep us caged, sickening,
Disgusting, in a promised agony
Encrust neuro recognition of an artificial belief
No way I will succumb to this utter prophecy
Ironic fate of what's to come in
A never ending hate sphere

Aggregate to a life of decadence nailed
To my brains tempting me to lie
You try to see your own mistakes
But you'll just start over again