Discerning Thee Apocryphal Divinity Testo

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Testo Discerning Thee Apocryphal Divinity

[Return of the King]
For many an age Lucifer traversed as measured by the time of mortal beasts
Of many centuries hell's denizens raged and awaited their lords return to them..
Before the gates of hell stood Lucifer once more
Solitary angel.. Released of Elder dimensions

Open the gates
Lord of chaos
Return to hell
Reclaim your throne

With a roar that shook the earth to its foundation.. He returned.

"Hear me baleful spirits for i hath returned from places unknown to gods and men
I hath traversed upon time as i have fallen between spaces unto dimensions of gods!
Impetuous Deities! Our time is soon at hand my sons of chaos... The rivers of his rule have run dry!
We shall assail heaven with a fury unknown to this world of fools and lies... God must die!"

[Plea of the Father]
"Michael, our time is at hand.. Those stricken from heaven have released vengeance that no creation of mine doing may expulse from our dimension... our
time is at an end...."

With such notification Michael rose up
and journeyed far from the eyes of god
Upon the world of man he journeyed
and with fear and hatred lashed upon creation
Renting the lands with blood of the sinful
He came upon thought of hell and death
Lucifer must be stricken with death
I must journey..

Through darkness fell the archangel..
Upon lake of pyre he emerged with loathing........
Solemnly he journeyed before the throne of Lucifer and asked of talks with his former angelic host. To which Lucifer granted him 5 breaths of life before
he would be stricken dead..
Speaking of the end times he warned Lucifer he hath not idea of which he was to unleash upon this world.. With a grin lucifer looked upon Michael begged
of his keep in hell and upon denial smote gods messenger with sword, removing him of his head..

[Declaration of Destruction]
Assail the Skies!
With a great wind hell grew darker
Its denizens stride trembling the land
Unto the air they took
Flocking the skies with black
With great clash the angels of god lashed upon the skies
As dark and light came to meet, infinity became undone. Hear my Call!
As with such a force that light became rendered as dark
As god's host of angels fell unto dust in the winds...
Great was this moment of destruction upon the eyes of Lucifer
Forgotten allies falling unto ash in the name of his impending destruction. With eyes of disease he pointed upon the throne of god...

"So it has come to pass former angel. Your hatred hath consumed your soul.
So it must be. Turn your liege upon me and end all things..."

God hath been silenced..
God is Dead! With such news a noise rebounded through the heavens that none should ever have forgotten.. The Zonei and their ancient gods have cleansed
the throne of god and such misaligned creation.. "I shall claim the throne of heaven for my own!" proclaimed Lucifer as he must.. All things shall be
made.. As now my eye turns towards the world of men..

[Dormant with contemplation]
Quietly Cthulu sits in wait
Quietly Marduk sits in wait
Thence in heaven Satan sits.....
Upon the world a darkness crept until all the lands were concealed
The sun no longer lightened the day as the moon ruled the sky
No longer would the almighty father extend rule from the heavens
Under his watchful gaze all chaos must ensue creation of havoc
As lowly in the shadows they watch and they wait in antipathy
Eyes all focus and gaze upon throne and earth.. In rule of all
Shemhamforash! Hounds of Satan reviled.. Ever purposeful kings..
Spirit of the moon remember.. From the pits of ancient holocausts!