The Ghosts Of Reprisal And Strife Testo

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Testo The Ghosts Of Reprisal And Strife

[To Arrogance comes Inception]
I hath fathered deceit.....

Of council to Lucifer, Belial spoke of treachery among the Zonei.
To render wretched dogs from whence they came..

I hath fathered hypocrisy..

I feel their gaze upon me
Eyes of freezing fire
Burning of funeral pyre
The aura of deceit..
None must be spared..
The crown of bitter night..
Of stygian council rebel angels took host to rent the heavens of the elder menace.. To fill the seas of beasts that Leviathan herself should take heed
Vast was the expanse as Marduk strode upon the rebel angels host.. Hear me summoner! Hearken and know that your time upon the throne of disease is
diminishing.. With stature of behemoth Lucifer took up arms.....

[Scorching of the Skies]
Time of strife..
Path of war...
With haste Satan's host of rebel angels unleashed fury upon Marduk..
Unaware of elder fathers waiting upon the wings of unfettered fury..
With blinding rays of venomous light elder gods lashed upon them..
Sanguine sky.. Angelic entrails rain upon the earth.. Remember!
Lucifer.. Upon throne stands with fear of twilight.. Summon malice!
Burning gaze.. Eyes of malice, freezing the night.. Hear my cries!
Ruination.. Your time has come to pass master of flies.. The fallen!
[The Tranquil Storm]
A great calm crept over the lands.. Once more the sun laid its rays upon the lands of earth. A new beginning had come to pass. Malice had fallen from the
skies.. Tho the earth in ruins, spirits would be born anew to cleanse the lands once more.. As mother earth lamented on that day...

Ishtar, lady of the gate of the gentle planet.. Open wide thy gate..
Queen of women, Deity of men.. I pray to thee.. Hearken and remember!
Race of Men!
O' bright and eternal rising, torch of the heavens and earth.. I beckon..
In the name of covenants sworn between gods and men.. Barra Ishtar!
Race of Men!
Eternal tranquility..
Placid Eternity...

The black seas are swelling.... The darkly shining abyss..

Marduk, God of victory over the dark angels
Lord of all the lands of the foreboding earth
Son of Enki, master of magick and magicians
Vanquisher of the ancient ones of times ago
Who assigns the wanderers their places
Who assigns the wanderers their spaces...