Dragons Upon The Mountains Of Mashu Testo

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Testo Dragons Upon The Mountains Of Mashu

[The Call of Cthulu]
Hounds of war.. Cthulu invokes hordes of malice
Call to arms.. Herald of mass legions of upheaval
Ia mass Ssaratu! Beyond the swamps of wandering dead
Cthulu, master of the armies of the ancient ones beckons
The gates are no longer barred, locked and bolted! Keepers of the gates hath been slain upon scarlet swamps. Armies of the ancient ones, dragons of the
deep.. Gods of the seas..

Iak Kingu, Iak Azag
Iak Azabua, Iak Huwawa
Ishniggarab, Iak Xastur
Insurgence against Marduk
Dragons of the deep!

Forget not the fate of Absu. First victim of elder discord who hath been lain in empty space.
Once more Hubur arose, she who fashions all things
Compiles matchless weapons to the arsenal of ancient ones..

[The Foundation of Death]
Barra Anu!
Bar the gates
Renew its bars
Man the tower
Open the gate
The dead rise
Break its bars
Call to war!

Summoned are the demons of Hubur
Laying waste upon the temple of Marduk
The viper, the dragon, the winged demon
Bearing weapons of no fear, Kingu shepherds
You come to war Kingu!?
With baneful creation of Hubur
Then you shall fall upon blade
Speak lest you be silenced...

[Dusk of Eternity]
Armed with disc of power in chariots of fire Marduk came fourth. With a blazing flame he filled his body. Dragons of the seas fell upon the ground and
all were slain. Knower of the secret names, shapes and numbers gazed upon the form of Kingu.. With a curse Kingu lashed upon the body of Marduk.
Striking with disc of power Marduk blinded his eyes of death. The monster heaved and raised its back striking forth in all directions with ancient words
of power, screaming ancient incantations. Marduk struck once more and blew an evil wind into its body, filling the wicked beast as then Marduk shot
between its jaws the charmed arrow of Enki and struck once more, severing the head of Kingu from its body... The black seas swelling...