Invocate The Tempests To Castigation Testo

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Testo Invocate The Tempests To Castigation

[The creeping disease]
Quiet was the earth upon that day.. As Hell bore from the depths and surfaced upon all creation as molten from its cinder pyramid. Beasts spawned of
heaven whom hath set upon lakes of burning ash forever scarring angels as beasts of loathsome appearance..
This.. the day of reckoning.. Judgement hath come unto men and women alike.. The skies were painted red that day forever staining the earth with their
crimson showers. God himself hath been silenced on this day. Malevolence shall forever shape the lands and heave the oceans..
Abomination! Pandemonium hath enslaved the lands..
Mass inception! Children of the pyre! Obtained vengeance! Claim the throne!
Hovered on wing, of impious suns.. Dire in arms, left untold..

I sung of chaos and an eternal night..
I raped the lands of all his light..
Cast out, i hath returned of hell..
Upon my blade the heavens fell..
With fierce winds of Orion armed as bodies of angels fell as autumnal leaves upon his tranquil stream....
I have journeyed! Of myriad dimension of unpass space and time. I hath awoken the sleeping hounds of centuries old!
Gaze upon creation comrades.. Now truly our time has come.. Sathanas... Thy kingdom come!
From this dark and dismal house i have condemned all heavenly hosts.. For thee hounds of Zonei i hand you sacrifice! Maker of kings.. Ancestors of the
land..Whose thought is beyond gods and men.. Remember...

[Of Elder Revisitation]
Released upon the world of men once more.. Cthulu, hearken and remember!
To void the earth of tranquil life once more.. Marduk, hearken and remember!

At once gazing upon the eyes of old.. Marduk hath seethed with irk and vile contemplation.. Spirit of the moon remember! Enki has risen of dark waters
upon men with disease as sin.
As with rays of flaming disk was lashed upon from the heavens removing all fluids and matter of sin as spillage upon the floors of earth as lakes of
intestinal excretion...

I call to thee!
What spirit on earth hath conjured...
Name of the Covenant!
Proceeded of hidden realm retreat...
Watcher of the ways!
Past upon the mighty gate...

Upon the throne lucifer sits in contemplation of unresurrection
As beasts are these ancient yet elder gods of dimensions past.
They must return from whence they came as spirits exorcized
Fell beasts of unimaginable force.. For they may challenge the throne of mine..
Beasts of burden.. Unconstrained by forces of heavenly nature
Ever watchful those eyes of watching gazing upon mine eyes..
Fell beasts of unimaginable force.. For they may challenge the throne of mine..
Ever purposeful they awaken from tomes of restraint of hell....

[Opus o' Sathanas]
Mother darkness! Wrap your loving arms around me..
I have sung of chaos and eternal nights of burning moon
I hath brought hellacaust upon the lands of men and beast
Raised iniquitous creation of pure sin from earthen tombs..
These hosts of hell with ceaseless cry, the shining crown of night....