Defense Highway Testo

Testo Defense Highway

I wander through memories (My only friends)
A maze of places I’ve been (I’m lost in here)
Tunnels leading to rooms within (The senses disconnected)
But I can’t find you, no matter how hard I look

Because I can’t find my way back to the present
I am trapped so deep inside myself that
My eyes cannot see what is before me
Time and space have both lost all their meaning
One door opens while others are closing
I walk through but don’t know where it’s leading
Moving through my past to find connections
That I’d given up long ago

Bury myself deep inside
Living only half alive

Disoriented, looming threats increasing fright
Automatic, the defenses trigger smiles

Retreat! Alarm! (Turn back now)
I can hear them!
I can see them!
I have to hide!
Get me out of here!

I cannot hide if I do not know where I am!
And if they find me, will I be trapped by what surrounds?!
Waiting to find something I can hold on to!
But there is nothing around me that is consistent

I need what I fear and fear what I need
Human connection
I remember alluring warnings

I opened my chest for you
And I was alive
You’re just a story now
But I’m still here, alone

Night falls and night falls again
For you, my dear, I’m waiting here
Leaves turn and time stalls within
For you, my dear, I’m waiting here

We cannot bring a life into a world of violence

But I can’t let go…

Walking and waiting
Moving and searching
Trying to find a way out
Red sky is calling
Dark clouds are hovering
No false suns blink above
Have I found a way out?

My surroundings deceive all my senses
I can’t find my way back to the present
Is this real or all just recollection?
Help me find a way out

You were standing there in dreams
Your eyes hid smiles
This room is empty now, but I’m still here
Wondering when I will return to the world of the living again
Do I even want to leave?