Subway Dwellers Testo

Testo Subway Dwellers

Old subway station lies empty yet restless
Train lines wind endless below crooked streets
Here we hide

I hope they don’t find us here
But I feel they’re always near
Something’s wrong

Bodies without faces bustle into subway cars
The metal doors close on them and they’re trapped behind bars

Rust colors prevail, mostly shrouded in shadows
And the walls are lit by a faint orange glow
Our warmth

A man comes from behind
He says he’s gonna die
Please get lost

How many of us hide here in that scant and feeble light?
The tunnel dwellers shun us and we travel in fright
We can’t think up original sins when we’re safe
This safety isn’t shelter
It’s so cold

The tracks bend under spinning wheels and the lights melt the walls
Foundation pillars crumble, but the ceiling stays up
The station folds in on itself so you cannot ever leave
You’re trapped as your small world falls apart
The traincar leaves the station crashing into endless dark
It returns exactly at the time it starts to embark
Time goes around in circles and the days are all the same
Our senses have all vanished and we’ve never felt the rain
(And we can’t get out)

Why should we be trapped by our own making?
Why should we step back and let this happen?
Whose idea was all of this? Someone tell me please…

Could you talk a little louder cause I can’t hear what you really mean…
Could you talk a little louder cause I can’t hear you at all