Fear Of Humanity Testo

Testo Fear Of Humanity

I’m afraid of humans
I wonder if they’re afraid of me
They grow here like tumors
I wonder if that’s how they see me

Short breaths
Cold stares
Drifting fever in the air
Feet move
Fluorescence bright
They reappear tonight

I’m afraid of tumors
They’re trying to make them grow in me
Distorting all my humors
The chemical ooze surrounding me

Harsh coughs
Cruel laughs
Sickness spills out from your mouth
A wordless noise
Please let me be alone

Lost in an endless city where smog obstructs the sky
The earth breathes in the fumes that will cause us all to die

The entities surround me
Their smiles filled with despair
Their eyes empty reflections of thick and clouded air
Amid the hulks of houses
You won’t find any mirth
Just lusty old skyscrapers which penetrate the Earth
And from between the cracks in the only world you know
A host of beings seeps through from where you want to go

I am forever trapped here
This urban hell remains
With all spectres sustained by a deadly white cocaine
And I cannot return to the place where I come from
When all the walls that trap me secrete a sickly scum