Inner Sanctum Testo

Testo Inner Sanctum

A half-visible man sits on a chair and talks to me
My smirking friend with dead eyes
And he beckons me to come with him and leave this realm forever
He takes me to a hidden place deep inside me
As deep as I can go before I’m lost forever
Should I trust him?

His hands reach out for my hands
Offering comfort from within
I hear them lurking at my back door
Their tentacles reach out for me
I board the windows, but what if they break through?
There’s only safety in your hidden place
Please take me there

They’ll be here before the dawn
I should hide before they come

Chamber opens
“Please step in
You are safe in here
Safe from the lies of the world outside
And I’ll provide all you need
Just step inside and you’ll drift away…
Just let go…
For in here paradise awaits you forever
You will fall deep into an everlasting sleep