Ranting Prophet Testo

Testo Ranting Prophet

Once you’re here, you’ll fall apart
Build a life – a work of art
There’s too much here to comprehend
Very soon, we all begin to
Pretend that we’re somewhere else

You can never stop this
Fighting it is worthless
All of your objections
Are powerless before it
You cannot outrun this
Can never escape this
Just know it will get you
Everything will get you

Surrounded by the wounded
Soon you will become one
Trying to find solace
In any place you can so
Turning to the trashed life
Cue intoxication
Turning to religion
Now its time to worship.

You have bowed enough now
Get up off your knees
Praying will not save you
From what lies around you
Disappear in movies
Various addictions
Every single dogma
None of it has substance
You are terrified but
You think there’s a way out
There is not a way out
You are in denial
You cannot escape this
Can’t run away from this
You cannot prevent this
You can never stop this

(Keep trying?) You are doomed to fight this battle alone (Give up!)
(Accept this) You are not allowed to give up and go home (enough)
(To live out) Reconcile or escalate, let go (your life)
(In peace not) Sheath your sword and maybe you’ll make it through (in fright)

Once you’re gone, you fall apart
The arguments become an art
The voices start and won’t relent
We’ve become addicted to
Pretending we’re somewhere else