Change Testo

Testo Change

© 2005
“Dreams are cradled by the arms of courage.Hope is defined by stalwart passions, and with reckless abandon you'll embrace the change.” -- Glacia

Written & Composed by Glacia Robinson (JACAP)
Produced & Arranged By Glacia Robinson & Maurice Gregory
Recorded & Mixed by Maurice Gregory Mastrak Productions
Guitars recorded @ Fullwerks Inc. (Causion's Studio)
Acoustic Guitar: Glacia Robinson - Also(Featuring) Emerson Ally-Lead Guitar:
BG Vocals: Glacia Robinson. Mixed by Maurice Gregory

Verse 1.
You hold your head down low
Just wondering if it twill always be so
Perhaps it's too late that's what you say
You've waited this long for a change
But all you've felt down here is just pain
Time again you wonder
Will things ever change?

Verse 2.
When will the answer come?
This question has become your song
You've waited long enough
When will this change be?
Yet still you keep holding on
And tears forever flow on
Time again you question
Will the answer come?

But a change is coming
A change is coming
I will work and I will fight
Press with all my might.

Verse 3.
Living on broken dreams
Things can't get no harder it seems
And life's such a stress and strain
It gets harder each day
You're waiting for time; time to heal
The wounds you try so hard to conceal
Still you go on living
Living on broken dreams

Repeat Chorus

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