Desperate Testo

Testo Desperate

“An insatiable hunger for the nearness of you embodies my every move;and with the taste of every breath I need you more and more...I need you”—Glacia Robinson

Written and Composed by Glacia Robinson
Produced by: Maurice Gregory & Glacia Robinson
Vocal Arrangement: Glacia Robinson & Maurice Gregory
Piano: Maurice Gregory BG Vocals: Glacia Robinson
Orchestration: The incomparable, Robert D. Watson Hollywood CA
Mixed by Maurice B Gregory - Mastrak Productions

Verse 1.
Desperate for your touch in my life
I'm reaching out to you
Please give ear to my cry
You are my help and my defense
Oh please deliver me.

Reach out to touch me, with your hand
Reach out to heal me, here I am
I'm crying out to you
I'm reaching out to you
Oh Lord
Come save me, save me
Please hear my plea
I need you now
And humbly I bow
I'm so desperate.
Verse 2.
I'm desperate for your touch once again
I'm calling out to you
Please bring peace to my soul yes
You are the only one
Who can change my life
T's why I give my praise to you; you alone.



Oh, I'm desperate; oh I need you; I need you
Desperate for you; I need thee oh
I'm desperate; desperate; desperate
Oh I need thee; I need thee
I'm desperate, I'm desperate
Desperate for you, oh
I'm desperate, I'm desperate for you
Oh ooh