Take A Moment And Live: Grandmother Song Testo

Testo Take A Moment And Live: Grandmother Song

Dedicated to my late Grand Mother:
Mrs. Sarah Harper (Mother Harper)!
Sunrise August 11, 1915 • Sun Set March 26, 2008

Public Domain—Inspiration: Mrs. Sarah Harper Mama! Sally Gal! Produced by Jon Williams (Almond Productions) & Glacia Robinson Instrumentation: Jon Williams (including live violin)BG Vocals: Andrew Lawrence & Glacia Robinson
Mixed by Jon Williams Almond Productions

Verse 1.
There is a city of gold
Across the river
When I reach it I'm told
I'll live for 'aye
My soul will fly over chilly Jordon
Over Jordon
On the wings of love I'll fly away.

Not a moment to lose, make up your mind
Take a moment and chose, God's love divine
From the moment you're saved, how happy you'll be
Take a moment and live, eternally
Forever you'll see, how happy you'll be
When heaven you see

Oh the river is wide
And rough the water
But my Savior will come for me some day
My soul will fly over chilly Jordon, over Jordon
On wings of love, I'll fly away.
Rept. Chorus

“Now as a girl growing up in the hills of Manchester, Jamaica, I remember my Grand mother she would be washing at the back of the house
And crying out to God in a old fashioned way... Now I'd like to take you back in time as you listen to Mother Harper, as she worshiped the Lord in her own way, listen to Mama now as she trust the Lord for another miracle”.

Be Dibie di bi dam daba dwop; dip di bop bop...
Rept. Chorus