We Have The Victory Testo

Testo We Have The Victory

(Featuring Stella Award Winner - Papa San)

Written & Composed by Glacia Robinson, Mark Brown & Tyrone (Papa San) Thompson
Produced & Arranged by Mark Brown & Glacia Robinson BG Vocals Glacia, Mark Brown
& Winston Miller. Mixed by Rico Gonzalez

We have the victory
We have the authority
To bind & crush the enemy
Trample on the enemy

Verse 1.
Every day that I live
I am taking authority
Over the enemy
And every move that I make
I am crushing the enemy
Satan get out of my way.

Verse 2
Now I will not die ...I will live
I will stand in authority
Over the enemy
I'm covered by and sealed by the blood
So no evil will come to me
Listen to what I say.

Repeat Chorus


In Joy, over comer
In pain, over comer
Sunshine, over comer
The rain, over comer
In my mind, over comer
In my soul, over comer
It's your blood, over comer
That makes me, whole yeah!

Papa San
“God a mi strong tower and di enemy no have no power
If you test di over comer well you end a go bitta choh!
We over come by the love an by the blood an we no grudge
Tell the enemy no budge choh!
We have a testimony weh the world wan fi hear
Fi trample the enemy di spirit of fear choh!
No more sorrow no more despair
We have di victory
You done know we gawn clear youh!”

Rept. Chorus
In the name of Jesus
In the name of Jesus
Victory, victory, yeah!
God has not given us a spirit of fear
But a spirit of love of power and a sound mind
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah !Yeah!
Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! Yeah!
Long time! Long Time!
Victory Yeah!
In the name of Jesus
“We a mek it”
“We a make it fi true San, yes every time”
“Respect it”!