Praise Him Testo

Testo Praise Him

© 2006
Written & Composed by Glacia Robinson (JACAP)& Mark Brown
Music by Mark Brown (ASCAP)
Produced & Arranged by: Mark Brown & Glacia Robinson
Bass: Dale Brown - BG vocals: Glacia Robinson & Mark Brown
Mixed by Rico Gonzalez

Father I bless you Lord I thank you ah! ah!
I'm gonna; ah praise Him
You're the reason of my life
The core of my existence flows from you
I live to love you
I live to serve you
Lord I praise you.

Verse 1.
Let all creation sing of your goodness
The nations testify of your kindness
Your mercies never cease
You're the fountain of our peace
Our praises we'll forever shout out to you.

Long as I live I'm gonna... (Praise Him)
Long as I breathe I'm gonna... (Praise Him
Got to lift up my heart and... (Praise Him)
My voice and... (Praise Him)
My hands and ... (Praise Him)

Verse 2.
There's not a single night or day that I won't praise you
For me to live and love it is to serve you oh
You're the air that I breathe
You're everything to me
So I'll lift my hands and sing my praises to you.

Repeat Chorus

It's the language of my heart
And I'm gonna sing it out
If it's the last thing I do
I must let these praises out
Don't you wait come join with me
Everyone lets enter in
It's our time to magnify Him
Let's sing our praises to the King.
Repeat Chorus
I'm in the land of the living
Your praise I'll keep on singing
Ain't no rock; Ain't no rock
Is gonna cry out in my place