Don't Tell Mama Testo

Testo Don't Tell Mama

An evening of introductions
leading me around by the hand like this
was second nature to you.
But I'm not complaining I admit
I enjoy the company and you haven't taken things too far.
But that's no promise yet.

So show me your next move like it's your last move
like you have something to prove to me
So maybe I worry a bit but you're a nervous wreck
and I can't get a single answer out of you
Keep your head held high and chin up darling.
I'll watch your fact light up from your eyes
with a style and grace only you could provide.
Let me be another reason for you to smile.

You scoff at every compliment but I won't let it stop me now.
I love the red in your cheeks and the way you hide
between my heart and my silver tongue
A soothsayer she says am I
Well I suppose I cannot tell a lie
And I won't, I would never lie to you

This was more than just a bed to sleep in, so kiss and tell
I'll make a believer out of you, but I'll make a liar out of me.
We're no worse off than we are right now
Always the mother, what would we do without you?