Off Limits Testo

Testo Off Limits

I have a pretty good memory
at least when it comes to things i want to remember.
I'll always remember, and your not easy to forget
I remember every detail of that goodbye.
It broke my heart but I moved on.
I had to, I couldn't wait around forever.
I wasn't expecting a thing, and I always get what I'm expecting

Boys will be boys so lets all raise our glasses make a toast
that the fact is that we're both here and scared.
We'll lead the noise and we'll scream to the rafters
that we'll be here long after you've left.
Well I guess the heart repairs

So we find ourselves alone again
Look how we've walked to face the end. Are you proud?
We trace our steps back in the sand.
See our memories holding hands.
Can you help me write this down?
Mother always said hindsight was 20/20
but I'm as blind as a bat and thats never going to change.

I like to think that
I gave as good as I got from you, and i gave it all away
Well I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.
I just saved you the trouble, I just saved you the trouble
Save some grace for when you're just trying to save face.
Oh what a tangled web we weave