Hush Symphony Testo

Testo Hush Symphony

Some may say it's just life and the way we live these days in rough times.
So we're reckless and we know this.
But I have to disagree
I never want to become that one, that guy
Just get it right. Oh what a mess.

Now I'm bitter and so jaded
and you're the leader for the symphony
thats been playing my heart strings
Cut them one by one you're just setting me free.

I could thank you for everything you never did for me.
You knew what you were getting into from the start
now we'll play it off like it was all my fault
It's always my fault. Sure and I'm used to it
My shoulders are broad I can bare the weight.
My shoulders are broad...I can't bare this.
So take these words to heart and hold them tightly
You know me, I'll never let them go.

This comes easy now
You'll regret this but I won't
If leaving me was the easy part
Now watch as everybody knows what you did to me
as my words relive this.
Cut them one by one I'll just say it, your pathetic.