Paper Thin Walls Testo

Testo Paper Thin Walls

She said "I'm done with you"
but with the softest of smiles waiting patiently upon her lips
She sits like a shadow perfectly against the comforter.
Back lit by the sliver of light creeping silently
through the curtain, as insufficient as these paper thin walls
at keeping the outside world at bay.
She leaves me speechless, I just don't know what to say

And my hands are quick to hold her closer
And my hands will hold her tighter
And my hands need to hold her forever
A modest mouse, she is mine
She said I am the ghost against the sheets.
My smirk belies the tension in my teeth,
Quiet love, the sun sleeps lazy on a Saturday.

She is the lightest of sleepers, a one of a kind
a secret as close to the heart as her head upon mine.
Our hearts keep time, a countdown
announcing tomorrow is on its way.
You hold my attention the way you hold my heart.
Ever so tightly, just never let it alone.

And I'm all choked up, cause you've got
one hand on my heart and one of my throat, so it goes.
And I'm all choked up, cause you've got
one had on my heart and one on my throat, don't let go.