Sleepless In Syracuse Testo

Testo Sleepless In Syracuse

There were so many things that i wanted to say
But i held my tongue to keep that smile on my face.
was it a heavy heart that made you fall from grace?
So lets look back you were just eighteen
with a face cut our of a movie screen
and it's been since then i know her heart is my home
and its the only place I'll stay
And then you walked in with a song from a pen
that sings of everything you say.
With a songs so sweet but the words so weak
Its just the devil's part you'll play.

How do you sleep? How do you breathe?
What did your eyes look like when i was falling apart?
How could I be? How could I see?
The way your heart stopped burning
when he wasn't exactly what you wanted me to be?

It was the best of times and years gone by
but with one breath an apology and his name on her lips.
Between the walls and the floor had kept him secret.
Now it's in every room in this house and I'm screaming
at the shadows until my lungs give out.
She's the only thing that i wanted to keep
cause its her voice still sing me to sleep.

I wasn't too sure how to say in a song
how the tone of the moment was just so wrong.
Who needs the heartache anyway?
And every little line every stroke of the pen
reminds me of a time that was lost
when we didn't know the thoughts and whispers...
I will never be the same