Brighter Days Testo

Testo Brighter Days

Ouu, child. Things gonna ouu, child. Things will brighter [repeat on background]

Llfe is hard, I try not to cry at all.
Struggle the pain inside and I write them bars.

If you hated me enough would you aim and shoot me?
If I died right now would you say you knew me?
Lifes not a movie, No happy end.
Who's real and who's down, gotta watch your friends.
When I drop the rhymes you can feel my presences.
Say it loud and clear so you can hear my message.

Fake inside, every single person. Ain't nobody the same, ain't nobody perfect.
Some say they down but later you found out, they lying and your moving on a down route.

I'm the same as you and I gotta pay to eat.
Gettin' hungry, making money it's a daily routine.

I throw on a loop, put it on repeat.
Grab a pen and a pad and dedicated to the streets!