Little Miss Innocent Testo

Testo Little Miss Innocent

[feat. Chris Jackson]

Little Miss Innocent
Although you may have them all fooled
Girl I know the truth (I know, I know)
I know what you're up (I know what you're up to now)
Frontin' like you're so shy but it's a disguise
Cause' you're stealing this heart of mine
I know what you do
Girl I'm onto you

[Verse 1:]
And it's hard to explain it
But I'll try again let's start with the basics
This girl got me intrigued
Good girl but it's hard to believe
I don't know if she the type I would kick it with
She seem like she the wife I could live it with
If she rides I don't know what I've driven in
If it was race I don't know when I'm finishing
I see the front like she's Little Miss Innocent
I see the back and I see a big difference
Tight jeans, long shirt keeps it covered up
I'm confused I don't know if I discovered love
If it is then you got me confused girl
I feel like I'm in two worlds
And usually I don't mind the wait
To find out but I ain't got time to waste
[Verse 2:]
And she tries to blend in
She acts like she's independent
Louis V bags but that ain't yours girl
She don't stop, she a back-for-more-girl
Guys giving her compliments
But really, what is that accomplishing?
Just a boost to her ego
You don't get it but I guarantee she knows
Always playing mind games
Sorry miss that don't fit in my time frame
And that's the type she is
She really shops at "The Bay" she a "hyphy" bitch
She in control and she got them all staring
They're all turning heads to check what she wearing
Without caring but I don't believe her
Whatever you see, first do your research