That's Okay With Me Testo

Testo That's Okay With Me

So I'm JReyez
And I didn't know what more to say to you
So I just made a song for you
I hope you understand

[Verse 1:]
Yeah, all the arguing and fighting
Thinking that it was over, sparking it and it might be
This hard life see it through my eye vision too
Missioned all the way out of the city just to visit you
We're growing up a lot faster than our friends
They pretend and they wanna see us fall in the end
And they don't care and they're living lies in their time
Cus it makes them feel better about their lives going no where
You never trusted me and I never trusted you
No excuse your mistake was fully up to you
But I forgave you, that's what we need to do
We can speak it through, honestly
I miss her with X and O's, I shoulda just let her know
I shouldn't have let her go, she wouldn't be better off
Cus the people all around her is nothing but bad influence
I know that when I found her I loved her more than my music

[Verse 2:]
We forgot how it started, were lost in the moment
All this commotion of bottled up emotion
The love is blurred and it's out of it's focus
It's been a few hours incase you didn't noticed
Emotion in our voice is based on tone
You don't get it so you go hang up the phone
It's an excuse that your wrong but your trying to be right
And I'm doing the same since the beginning of the fight
And it's like we all the same, people make mistakes
You keep me sane from the world of fakes
The only person I can talk to and always there to listen
You the best, I consider you my bestfriend
Wanna relax knowing I got you
And you got me too so let's walk it through
Sometimes I can't even talk to you
But just understand anythings possible

[Verse 3:]
Sometimes I feel like were the worst of friends
Time is spent but just to her extent
And I don't resent cus of her expense
I'm trying to explain but there's her defence
I respect you, the things that I said I never meant to
Straight, I ain't fake and I ain't gotta pretend boo
I see you in the mirror, you an exact resemblence
You just like me, I'm sorry I acted selfish
We both equal the same kind of people
Me and you the picture frame gotta sequel
I wouldn't leave you, I'm still by ya side
And at the end of the day I know you still down to ride
Bonnie and Clyde whatever you call it
I'm right behind, whenever your fallin
A big fight is just a small fraction
Of us we just gotta be real and adapt it