Rocketeer Testo

Testo Rocketeer

[Far East Movement cover]

Here we go, come with me
There's a world out there that you should see
Take my hand, close your eyes
With you right here, I'm a rocketeer
Let's fly
Up up here we go (go)
Up up here we go (go)
Let's fly
Up up here we go (go)
Where we stop, nobody knows (knows)

[Verse 1:]
Get on a plane we can fly away
It don't matter how time it takes
Travel the world, we can find a way
Hop on a rocket, we can fly to space
And we don't gotta be apart
Go far, getting closer to see the stars
Yeah, no limit and we'll never get stranded
Dreams taking us to a whole 'nother planet

[Verse 2:]
Take your time, it don't matter if you take too long
Your eyes, it don't matter if the make up on
It still shines when I'm up at the wake of dawn
You're part of the reason why I make these songs
When you shop, the brands don't dress you
I'm a keep it real, I don't need to impress you
Looking back to the first time I met you
You're so right, I don't need to correct you

[Verse 3:]
I ain't gonna leave, I'm right here
Hop in a shuttle, we can travel lightyears
Interact with the galaxies
We're a force of attraction, gravity
Our rocketship, nobody can take down
So fly to the sky, we're spacebound
Aiming towards all the constellations
This is more than imagination