No More Testo

Testo No More

[feat. Chris Jackson]

You don't have to lie no more (no more)
Cause I already know
You can't even hide no more (no more)
Cause I know where it is that you go
Watching you walk out the door (the door)
And I'm trying hard to understand
How the love that we shared is gone
While you lay in his arms
(Taking my love)
Giving it all to the next man

[Verse 1: J.Reyez]
One day I woke up in the morning, I got up and I went to the kitchen
And I'm feeling tired, I gotta work and I gotta make a living
I looked in the fridge and I made some breakfast just to start my day
And the feeling inside me and it feels like your so far away
I stayed up day and night, waiting and waiting I wanted to see you
It's all good you were busy,
I know that you miss me when your with your people
You told me you went to your friends,
I called you to make sure everything's fine
And the time was quarter after nine, hung up when you said goodbye
Let me flip the script and tell you in the other ones perspective
I got off the phone and I'm feeling like this persons too protective
I was with a next and it lead to sex and I'm just trying to chill
No relationships, I don't want that shit, I don't care bout what you feel
Sometimes I don't get why I'm still with you, we should keep it simple
Your mistake was the one you made, you should just leave me and let go
It was from the get go baby I'm just not into relations
It was just infatuation, babe your just gonna have to face it


[Verse 2: Chris Jackson]
I ain't gonna waste time
Trying to do something drastic
Like getting your new man's ass kicked
(That ain't gonna get me no where)
Shawty did you think I wouldn't discover
Bout you creeping out with another
(Acting like you don't even care)
So you're not worth tears
Or my energy
Cause now I realize
We were never meant to be (meant to be)
I ain't trying to be no place where I'm not wanted to stay
So I'll walk away


[Verse 3: J.Reyez]
One day I woke up afternoon... and I still was feeling exhausted
But I do what I do and I had to move and there can't be no stopping
Phone rang didn't pick it up, 5 missed calls and I had enough
I don't really understand the trust and I ask myself is it really love?
Last night was a little crazy, had a few drinks and it made me wavy
Went to the room with the next that I just met already calling me baby?
Started to check on the regular and I didn't know which one I preferred
And I ask myself will it really work? or am I confused my sight is blurred
Let me flip the script and tell you in the other ones perspective
I fell in love with someone that I cared and well respected
I tried to provide the affection, love and protect, tried to be perfected
It was all for you and I guess that I just felt a false connection
The one that you thought you found but then it started falling down
Get worried about the stories that you always heard around
One night I called cause I missed you, wanted to hear that soothing voice
No pick up and I found out word of mouth,
Your regret was your choice I'm gone