Stranger In My Own Grave Testo

Testo Stranger In My Own Grave

The winds' sweet melody was woven around my house I found myself unable to breathe so I went out and faced the windy summer leafs were dancing upon my feet I saw the sun dying in the evening black blood was turning the day int onight The cemetary openened its iron door I felt I had been here before a hole in the ground suddenly made me fall from deep inside I heard a call: Woe to you if you lay down your head on earth that should be hallowed instead The summers' face smiled in mirthful sleepiness slightly eternity revealed its secret but blind as I was I faced my fears and life scared me with its steadiness I wondered where my home could be I wished to vanish into the air Unseen I stumbled to find out what I was searching my bewilderment did its destructive work I stepped on a snake and felt the poison like needles cutting my veins in half the night sucked the air out of my bleeding lungs I died with tears in my blinded eyes Where am I welcome, where am I alive, tell me I am a traveller since the day I was born I don't know what's behind and I have no prospects now I roam about with no memories night and day's the same since I expect nothing I found my hell between two dimensions