Aint We Funky Testo

Testo Aint We Funky

[VERSE 1: The E]
I do moves you never heard of
You suckers should take word of
Boss, know what, some brothers got the nerve of
Idiotic pests tryin to go for best
They make a move but they lose cause the sound don't check
They be invitin, fightin, yo, they just be bitin
Them brothers never heard of the term rhyme writin
Playin the cool role, talkin like they got soul
Outta control, yo, they oughta fold
Far as I know I'm the chief of this era
I'm impeccable, which means flawless, cause I'm clever
In previous engagements I been known as a dominator
Vocal dominator, cause I'm greater
My moves are smooth, never leavin a smudge
MC's be pushin and pullin but The E won't budge
Your ludicrous show deserves a comedy medal
My diagnosis of the problem is you should settle
For second best talkin that mess
Tryin to impress by puttin me to a test?
I don't play that, now you gonna know why the crew's makin money
Cause we funky

[VERSE 2: The E]
On the other hand, you oughta know from the first jam
Who's doin what to who, Boss, kick the beat in
I'll entertain ya all and keep you on a ball
And if you ever fall you'll feel small
As a elf, check the top shelf, that's where you find my record
Look under uno, which means first, never second
I be rulin at times, they see me coolin
You'se the baddest around? OG, no foolin
Funky as can be, DJ Boss and E
Two individuals whose rituals are thought of highly
Rated, can't be debated
From what I've stated aren't you glad you waited for this oppinionated
Sound that's gonna make you all stand up
Make you shuffle, hustle, and move your butt
It'll be like that and it'll stay like that
Cause we're OG Style and we want it like that
Cause we're funky

[VERSE 3: The E]
My velocity level is settled and I'm ready
To go off and show off, Boss, keep the needle steady
Grooves I use will improve cause I'm smooth
When my rhymes start flowin, you better move
Out of my way cause my potential will surge
The jewel of my philosophy will soon emerge
I'm a dominant factor who plays the part freely
You think you're better than me? Oh really?
Your snare don't hit, your bass don't boom
Instead of givin us credit you assume
That your next record will be a hit, that's bullshit
Don't try to hand me that, don't be a nitwit
Cause I'm a true star and I'm a shine
Gracing the stage like a king with a funky rhyme
Doin it better than any MC ever thought they could
And as for y'all bluffin, I wish you would
Cause I'm better, and instead of
Sayin it behind your back or in a letter
I'm tellin you upfront, bro, you can blow
Think about retaliatin? That's a no-no
Take it in stride, good things come to an end
You're sucker, we set the trend
Cause we're funky

[VERSE 4: The E]
Now let me introduce the man behind the table
Sharp as can be, plus he's willing and able
DJ Boss, word up, he's my DJ, true
But I'm a let him chill while I explain to you
I'm like a barrier, I'm not a carrier but I'm better
Than any, and that's plenty cause I'm a terror
Boss and my performance is funky so give is credit
Boss, did I say funky? (Oh yeah)
And any sucker MC out there talkin
Put your ride up, punk, you'll be walkin
You just a square and you show this
You know why I say that? Cause I know this
Every time you write a rhyme you say the same thing over and over
You must be drunk when you confront, be sober
Or else get took, you're just a little hook
Remember OG, we wrote the book
On bein def, and def is what you gotta be
Dominating, Extravagant and Forcefully
You must climb the ladder of success
To be the best and never ever settle for less
So now you're hip to my style and ways
And oh yo, we'll be around for days
Cause we're funky