Intro Testo

Testo Intro

[VERSE 1: The E]
I'm the Original E in effect, y'all
Takin out wacks in the place and I can't fall
Freakin the beat, the beat I freak, I'm unique and superb
Down with Rap-A-Lot, here's a curve
Cool like The Mack, in fact I'm not a new jack
But I'm funky with hype lyrics and a dope track
I cannot miss when I shoot to kill, set to ill
You want me to chill? You better kneel
Stop all the talk you're talkin
And keep on walkin that walk that you're walkin
You set yourself up for failure, let me tell ya
You can't go with the flow, brother, I dare ya
As I flow from the intro the party's packed
MC's are terrified as I ransack
State your claim, bub, join my fanclub
This ain't a lip sync and I don't dub
I just surpass MC's cause it's me they fear
Lights out, hands were dead when the smoke cleared
You wanna go against the E? This ain't a Rambo
I'm just flowin from the intro, you know?
OG's housin, know what I'm sayin, black?
So you brothers on my tip, it ain't all that
Wick-wack you're talkin, playin me close-bound
Actin like you want a showdown and get clowned
I'ma activate while I captivate
MC's I take out, yo, that's the breaks
I'ma take it to the top keepin the mic hot
I disturb the inner body like a bloodclot
So don't try me son, cause I ain't the one
Last brother that tried, broke out the shotgun
May he rest in peace, he couldn't really go
Cause I like to flow from the intro