Kick The Ballistics Testo

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Testo Kick The Ballistics

A lotta brothers play me cause I'm good
Did it cause I could
Sayin that the E can't flow, well, that's bull
I talk like a pimp, walk with a limp
My crew's the sh,.. you're just a bunch of whimps
Your outdated, your technique suffers
Then you wonder how come it gets no rougher
Than this, who's that other cat talkin that wick-wack
That's a bunch of smack, check him, he's a new jack
In this game I'm the master, I think faster
I flow cause I have to and I last a
Lot longer than some of ya, but I'm warnin ya
Top-gunnin, I'm stunnin ya and runnin ya
Out of this town like I'm a gunslinger
I'm in position to acquire a lot and you're a dead ringer
Mediocre MC's make my move the baddest
Makin my mic play savage
I'm the Original E which stands for Erotic and Exotic
Like a porno flick, got it
I'm housin, which means you oughta get with this
Now listen as we kick the ballistics

How many MC's out there think that they can flow right
Boss, they must be on a head sight
Save it for David, trick, I don't wanna hear that
Same ol' garbage talk, same ol' weak rap
Brothers be fessin I'll and talkin smack, bitin, sayin a lotta stuff
But it's cool cause I don't bluff
I recite my rhymes in a smooth type of fashion
Heads'll sleep while I'm trashin
The best - on the set right now is O.G.
And I prefer the style cause it grips me
Some of you groups ain't equipped for this type sh...
Playin yourself out, braggin on your one hit
I got a remedy, so don't even try me
You wanna follow the leader, then follow O.G.
Come equipped for this hype type of theme song
I'm the worst nightmare, so don't dream long
If you do you wake up in a cold sweat
You regret that we met and that's bet
My style is hardcore and my rhymes click
Now listen as we kick the ballistics

Here's chapter three, the third verse
You feel cocky get a hearse, it gets worse
As I lounge on the set it gets risky
Not for me, for the opposition against me
Check it, I go mic-check, O.G. breaks necks
Boss causes the wreck while I change the contents
You can't flow like this, brother, you ain't swift
Cause I'm the wrong rapper to get with
Fresh out the pack my rhymes are stacked
From the top to the bottom I know I got em
I'm a mic fiend releasin the steam, I'm a vocal dream
The king of this thing, know what I mean?
I do a show and get paid before the intro
You do a show and still lookin for a c-note
Then got the nerve to play big shot
You're just an amateur, son, you ain't real hot
I'm on a roll, you're aggravated and pitiful
You wanna come for some, but I'm a brother who'll
Be in effect while you're ridin on the dizznick
So chill and listen as we kick the ballistics