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Testo Listen To The Drum

[VERSE 1: The E]
You wanna brag about your DJ, then watch how the Boss play
There'll be no hearsay, yo, just a delay
From you and your crew cause your crew half-step
Always talkin, can't maintain a rep
We go measure for measure, metaphors and beat breaks
Y'all get hype from all the bass the drum makes
The crowd's in a mix when I grab a microphone
Soon as I touch it, the wacks go home
The beat gets pumped, the bassline adds a traction
Know you like the drum and I can tell by your reaction
You check the tempo, dance with it and flow
Then you take a breather to see how the beat go
You test it, you took it home and blessed it
Went to a nightclub and heard em request it
You stay awake at night and tap the beat
And put lyrics to it later in your moonlight sleep
You told your boys that you made it up, them suckers bait it up
Boss is the maker and all you do is eat it up
I'm the kid that's keepin hip-hop spunky
So yo Boss, get funky
Listen to the drum

[VERSE 2: The E]
Listen up people, I'm glad you're here
I brought a funky drum for your ear
If you move you lose, they might pick you up
And if you rhyme like all the others I wish you luck
It's The E in the place and the drum's my sidekick
Follow the trail if the fog ain't thick
Come on, listen to the drum, it's kinda funky, ain't it
I know it is cause you ain't complainin
The girls say I'm cool since to rhyme is my type
Since I always grab a mic when the beat sounds hype
When it's pumped to it's potential and Boss says hit it
You can bet your bottom dollar The E'll be with it
It's somethin funky for all of y'all to dance to
Yo, so here is your chance to
Listen to the drum

[VERSE 3: The E]
The beat sound funky cause it's a dancing groove
Motivated by my lyrics so it makes you move
The snare, the bass kick I had a match with
My song that flows on, but this ain't a hat trick
I'm teachin the use of a drum cause time is ample
You need an audio clue, here's a sample
I'm a perfectionist, Boss, drop a beat on
Make it funky, somethin biters wanna eat on
Huh, then I'm a serve em a plate full of hit songs
Why do I say it's a hit? Cause the kick's strong
Movin and groovin cause I romance the drum
You oughta get with me, chump, cause I'm as smooth as they come
I never fess I'm 'bout business, my work is my concert
I expect what I get but the drum does the hard work
I'm a freelance vocalist, I been known to diss one
Hah, you oughta get with this one
Listen to the drum