Sucker Testo

Testo Sucker

[The E (& DJ Boss)]
Hey yo Boss
(Yo, what's up?)
OG Style in effect
(For the nineties, baby)
Yo, a lotta those groups out there think that they on top of the game
Well, why don't we let em know what's up

[VERSE 1: The E (& DJ Boss)]
Take three paces and step back (step back)
Cause I'm not afraid of no knick-knacks (knick-knacks)
A lot of that lip is just flip-flap (flip-flap)
Same old nonsense, it's all crap (it's all crap)
You try to come for somethin I know (I know)
You're braggin on yourself, still weak, bro (still weak, bro)
Never will I ever be solo (solo)
I'm down with Boss, so now you know (you know)
Pick up the pieces where I left off (left off)
Funky MC cause I get off (I get off)
You get beamed and then you turn off (turn off)
You act aggravated and you burn off (burn off)
I'm from Houston and I get hyped (real hype)
Freak a lotta girls cause I'm that type (oh God)
I drink Coke, I don't drink Sprite (drink Sprite)
I wear Nikes, but not Flights (but not Flights)
I ride a Benz if I have to (if I have to)
I prefer a limo cause it grabs you (cause it grabs you)
Thinkin I'm blind I'm lookin at you (I see ya)
Holdin on my record like a statue

[VERSE 2: The E (& DJ Boss)]
Time to start the rhyme scheme over (over)
My dog's name is Dick, not Rover (not Rover)
I don't believe in four-leaf clovers (clovers)
The rhyme style is dope but I'm sober (sober)
The name of the crew's called OG (OG)
Which consist of Boss and E (that's me)
We produce a rapper named Divine MC (Divine MC)
Who's down with the Nation Posse (word)
Now it's time to change context (context)
Gimme a mic and watch me flex (me flex)
Your style's simple, mine's complex (complex)
Listen to the style that I inject (that I inject)
Funky is the term that I go by (go by)
See a fly girl and I go "hi" (hi)
Make a lotta money cause I talk fly (talk fly)
I speak the truth and I don't lie (I don't lie)
Wear a Rap-A-Lot watch not a Timex (or a Seiko)
Use a jimmy hat, I like safe sex (yeah, that's right, bro)
When I do a show I'm in effect (effect)
Now listen to the way that I direct

[VERSE 3: The E (& DJ Boss)]
Give it up, bro, don't try to play me (don't try to play me)
You might be a lotta things but you're not E (not E)
You're just a sucker tryin to play MC (play MC)
But that's funny, you're rappin to a wack beat (haha)
I shine bright as the sun cause I'm a starlight (starlight)
I get busy as a beaver when I jam right (when I jam right)
Before a show I practice so it's all tight (all tight)
I'm a perfectionist, this is not a psyche

Hey yo Boss
(Yo, what's up?)
Why don't break the track down a little something like this?
(Aight bet)

[VERSE 4: The E]
So what's up, bro, with that cheap stuff you're talkin
Your played out jealousy's in your eye when I'm walkin
But you're delighted to see the phase that I bring
You get a glimpse, you're content with what I swing
I'm like a hawk, I see what you attempt to hide
In my stride you'll divide while I glide
And to the OG saga you will forever succumb
Your raps are hum-drum cause you're dumb
How could you be so illiterate to think that you could baffle me
When I house it's a catastrophy
I'm the Original E, formerly of a Phase 3
Dropped a sucker, now it's OG
Long live the reign of the rhyme therapist
Microphone terrorist