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Testo Age Of Grace

Born and enslaved to this modern age
Where blood stains each step of this path we have paved
And what price our reign? At what cost their fate?
In this night unending when dawn comes too late
For each life that's stolen and each cry unheard
For our lust that's written in scars on this Earth
The lies which they teach, with forked-tongues they speak
Of this world created to conquer, to rule their greed

Are we corrupted by their greed?
Infected, decayed; corrupt with deceit

In this days of madness where misery reigns
When all hope is abandoned in promise of pain
And never a light from the darkness of hate
They hunger for death, their bodies as graves

our corrupted memory dies to see through compassion's eyes

Lives consumed, flesh abused, tortured existence, encaged, entombed
Freedom lost, bodies marred, eternal hell, life behind bars

Their traditions die, as we fall no longer
With this reverence for life, we will fall no longer

In this world of the desperate and lost cast in filth
Compassion condemned in this nightmare fulfilled

The blind and their faith, to empty skies pray
The road to their heaven and god paved with rape
The hidden years have ended
The age of grace begun

The starving sound of fire, as heaven and Earth collide
Cast off like skin this suffering, on broken knees to rise
To sift through bitter ashes, to bleed like sacrifice
Our hearts forever burning, to breathe with newfound life