Reckoning Testo

Testo Reckoning

Ashes to ashes, forever we fall down
With broken dreams we're blind to see
What twisted words they tell
In a sky that's without stars tonight
Where Nightmares grow so real
How far we fall, forever lost in broken concrete fields.
In a world that grinds so ceaselessly
Where the wheels of culture turn.

Where machines of hate speak hideously
And heaven's brightness burns
Offered up the fruits of slavery
Sown - the poisonous seeds of forgetting
Grow choking vines like bitter tragedies
And piercing thorns unseen.

And so runs the world away
On scriptured lies
The ash of memory
And so we fall away
On scriptured lies
The ash of memory.

In the withered tongues of love we'll speak
Our whisperhidden heresies
Ten thousand years of bondage
And their cultures black disease

May this bloodstained tale come to an end
Blessed are we who without hope at history's end

And we have buried what we have known of love
Come hollow eyes and unseen thoughts and brutal selfishness
And these scars of hate will never heal
These wounds that do bleed dry
Our mother earth condemned to die alone and she does cry

As we have grown deaf to the ceaseless roar
Of paradise burning forevermore
Choked with ash those dreams within us
Are waiting to be born

Let us speak of god
Let us speak of pain
Let us speak of suffering, sin and hate

Shut tight our eyes to their hollow lies
In this broken land of the dead
May silver tongue screams fall upon deaf ears
May the rivers of heaven run red