For The Dying Testo

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Testo For The Dying

Lost to stagnant waters of apathy
That have been flooded by ignorance
The spirit of revolution, of change, of cause
Suffering silently, cast aside and forgotten
Hungers for a better day
And are we dead within these cages we are sold?
So close your eyes, pretend to dream as you grow cold

This culture has been crippled by the emptiness of life lived
With nothing and no one to die for

In this darkness so thick with no hint of light
We cling to the promises of science and technology
All the wonderwork modern miracles leading us
Always and all ways
To one ancient vision, one way to live

And we submit, ruled by the lies we have been told
So lift your head, pretend to feel as you grow cold

What are we waiting for?
In the comfort of naivety
What are we living for?
Awaiting the death that silence brings

what can we offer this world in which we have taken
more than our share?

And all that we give, all we will spare
Is a festering greed for that which was never ours

and always what to not-see, what to not-hear
what to do and how to live
Clenched fingers numb and weary
White-knuckled and gripping tight
To who we are, what we are, no more and no less
Hopelessly satisfied with the filth we have created
Never striving for anything beyond mere survival
Yet surprised by these feelings of loss

Thirsting for something more than this life
But unwilling to make it our own
Patient we wait for that last fleeting breath
Unfulfilled, unknown
But I will not stand by
I will not stand by