Dystopia Testo

Testo Dystopia

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
The 21st century stands under the code of oppression
Not free will but the rules of free markets will determine our lives
It is the era of a system that just works out for the rich
There's nothing rational about this economical rationality
Where men become numbers - division, subtraction
I can't see any empathy in this equation, can you?

In a world designed by think tanks
They will tell us the only solution is to become modern slaves
For the ones who don't want to share

And we will fall into disgrace
It's the end of our vanity
And this world will change its face
It's the end of humanity

Millions who live in poverty guaranty the luxury of some chosen ones
Dependency will hold them down
Everyone will obey the rules of egoism
When solidarity is gone

Majorities criminalized under the law of Big Brother
The state justifies its existence
By fighting victims of its own making
Under the decree of capital

Remember what they told us
What they promised
A world of growing wealth
Where no one suffers
Remember all these lies
Bow down to serve their god
To bury our right to

The die is cast
The fiend is uncovered
The scale of power has climbed a higher level
And still it's not too late to go against it
To leave the numbness behind
Let them know we are here
Let them know we're aware
Let them know we are against
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