Pre-existence Testo

Testo Pre-existence

We all are born in chains
Have you never asked why
We're all so hopeless?

They always try to break my pride
Nothing special they say
A worthless little fuck

What if they're right
Am I nothing?
I stand here and bleed

Should this be the end
The hope in my hand
Is everything they left me
There's nowhere to run
This land of no sun
Is deafening my mind

The dream in your head's not your own
Live your father's idea
Implanted vision

I know the reason for your pain
But don't dare to ask me
I'm a bitter remedy

There's bad news for you
You decide
Easier to say it's my mistake

No I'm not to blame
The void in your brain
Is not the product of my words
It suffocates me
We're in this so deep
We're blind to our love inside
If all this was true
And if I lost you
There'd be no cause for hope in me

Am I nothing?
Don't leave me alone here

You're the splinter in my heart
They must never tear us apart
I can't believe it's all so senseless
But if you do, then nothing matters anymore
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