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Testo Eidolon

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Fugitive touch
Are you my love?
Feels like a drug
Fall through time again

It's the spark in her eyes
Make me suffering
Addicted to all the things that she could give
Inside my head

Under the surface waits the Eidolon
Trying to open my mind
To reveal these broken feelings
I can't deny

Another room behind this hidden door
A sea without a shore
Tidal waves that lead to somewhere
I can be no more

Too flawless to be real
Too anchored to be out of mind
So tell me I'm alive
I'm out of space again

It's a tear and a sigh
Make me giving in
Get lost in a warm womb of dreams surreal
Am I awake?

I stand against the wall
Don't push me through
The abyss is far too deep
Down there is no place for me and you

Black moon stalks a burning haze
Break the spell let me leave this place
Set me free
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