One Drop Testo

Testo One Drop

Watching life slip away
But still you're too numb to clench your fist
Convenient critics
They drag me down

Hypocrite, know-it-all
Your empty complaints won't change a thing
You're wasted potential
The creeping gear
Hear them laughing

Are we too weak to try the unlikely?
A drop in the ocean may change our world
May set it in motion
Give us the vision we need

Are we unworthy to live a life in dignity?
I am your mirror
It's not too late to change my face

Why can't you go with me?
'Cause what we do is what we get
You're inside a bubble
Now watch it pop

You think you can get away with it
When you close your eyes and let things pass
'Till a collision
Shakes your world
Stunned in disbelief


We can choose
Path of least resistance is not the way
It comes back
To haunt us
It will never stop

You keep watching 'till it's too late
Do you really believe it's our fate?
Tell me what have we got to lose!
This is the time to move

Now is the time
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