Nl Soulja Testo

Testo Nl Soulja

(feat. New-9 & Wango)

(*computer voice*)
T-R-U, No Limit forever
The world is ours

No Limit nigga, soldier - 4x

I got that tank tatted on my arm, cause I mean that
I call myself C-Murder dog, because I seen that
So call me a soldier brah, that's what I claim
Ain't no TRUer motherfuckers in this motherfucking game
It's No Limit, you don't wanna go to war with me
I make a call, and my niggas they gone fall with me
From Japan to the motherfucking CP3
Like a man I'll have you ducking nigga fucking with me
Steady bucking at shows, bitches, G's and hoes
Take off your clothes, nobody knows I'm getting blowed and blowed
Nigga, I told you when I get older, I'ma get bolder
And colder nigga, a motherfucking No Limit Soldier

(Chorus - 4x)

So many haters in the 2G, I'm hanging with my girl
She strapped to the chrome, now, and the handle pearl
A lot of fakers hating thinking they can take me
Then jumped off the porch ain't seen more than a G
I be a skinny nigga from Uptown, Parkway to be exact
No Limit Soldier thought I told you hit your block with choppas and macs
Told you, don't stale exhale, you better ask somebody
We got to cop the blow like V-12
Rolling like rovados on Cadillac trucks
Having all them bustas inside like the lightning struck
T-R-U, out that 1-2-3 you heard
Ain't No L-I-M-I to the T bitch

(Chorus - 4x)

Want to swang that tank round dog I'm real with this shit
You got a problem I hit em like the lightning hit
Look, straight from the top when it drop it's a thundering sound
So salute, to my people when they come around
I'm straight off the block nigga I'm TRU to this shit
If you dishing out a hit, I'ma take the bitch
I'ma make your people mad, make em come to coat
If you ain't with the rap shit then don't you cope
With target cards, them hoes they like it
Cause it's W-A-N-G, them niggas don't like me
If you step to me, then it's T-R-U
If I have to make a call I'ma call that nigga Boo cause I'm a

Soldier - 2x

(Chorus - 3x)