New York Crazy Testo

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Testo New York Crazy

New York know I'm crazy
Dem disrespect
So kill him and him lady
Can't find the punk so stab up him little baby
I'm from di city where nigers ain't got no pity
We no ramp fi murder pussy

[Verse 1:]
Di Ch-n mad dress like a fag in drag
Squeeze it pon di war professor lad
See me Motherfucker Call 911
Better yet you better Speed dial god
Holy shit Di ch-n is no joke
Bus my gun all over di 50 plus coast
Squeeze it so much It form a dark cloud
Your fat mooma the second hand smoke
What's fuck is this
Ch-n they say you're a fag
You forgot that I fuck your bitch
You're going to do what niga?
Can't put a finger on this
Feed you bullets while you were busy eating trish
I'm a terrorist you acting heroic
Shot out your brain pull out my dick and piss on it
Get out my way bitch let me finish up my fucking clips
You should have watch your words
Now I am dumping your girlfriend over my terraces


[Verse 2:]
These broke ass nigas
These bum ass nigas
Need to leave out your mom house nigers
Hungry niga, s borrowing clothes nigas
You nigas need to buy your own clothes nigas
These projects nigas these welfare nigas
Can't go to club and buy a drink nigas
Mad cause I'm about to sign my deal nigas
I'm bout fucking tired of ya'll nigas
Like the homeless in front your house I will sleep
In front your crib 7 days of the Week
When I spot you I'm a keep it real
Jump out of my new girlfriend jeep
U don't see me But you I peep
Squeeze pon you till Your carcus leak
Talk bout when you catch me in di streets
You going to see me By di end of this week

[Verse 3:]
Bitching I'm not really into
Bickering and talking that ain't me That's all you
Notice I haven't said anything
I've chilling and smoking kid
But I've been listening to all your music
And I've been listening to all your bullshit
Now me ready fi squeeze it and done this
Why you running motherfucker
We ain't done bitch
War dem want So me draw fi me gun
Fuck music this time me want blood
I won't stop till I empty me magnum
And crush every bone in dem fucking cranium
Questions on everyone mind
Ch-n are you going to answer back with a rhyme I'm don't talk
Fuck di long talk
When I spot di motherfucker I'm a saw his head off