Who I Am Testo

Testo Who I Am

The maddest thing alive even when I was dead
They should have know somethings wrong with my head
Social outcast they diagnose my friend
When I burn down my school at the age of 10
Years later after they know I'm sick
They put me on tv and told me to spit
When I froze up they were like ch-n just show
Us something quick
And then they got mad when I showed them my dick
I can not change
Who I am
It's just the way I am
I will not change who I am
The world know I am fucking mad
I cannot change who I am
It's just the way I am
I will not change who I am
You're going to respect this man

[Verse 1:]
Like a priest I just want to touch your kid
But radio won't let me in the crib
Ain't the internet a wonderful thing
Thank you tom myspace the bomb
Now I got your kid singing my favorite
Song pussy pussy shit shit
Eat my shit bitch
You got a potty mouth
I think it's more like a shit pit
A smart man but I could
Never make the dean list
Always outside smoking that dam spliff
Then I wonder why my fucking life is dog shit
I need help look at all this aids on my penis
Somebody pray for me because I need it
Last time I got evicted
My landlord got me pissed kid
I light up the building like a spliff
Now my new landlord is on the same bllshit
A whole lota people bout to be homeless


[Verse 2:]
"like a close school ch-n you got no class"
And like obama bitch you're a jackass
He's a democrat
You get it
You know what forget it
This the reason why I don't spit intelligent lyrics you only want to hear bout
Sex, drugs, and bullets
And how much I hate those fucking DC
Fagets (damage control)
My past like my ass
I'm trying to leave it behind me
New year new chance to make some new people like me
Those who don't like me
Know where they can find me
I'm in the studio
Fingering your favorite hoe
And in between the sex I'm
Working on my fucking flow
Mickey and kim
This year I'm going to take it pro
Then I'm a kill myself to make sure that the album blow
You're goin to die again
Yah, cause I want to see you cry some more
Last time I died I laugh until my fuking eyes
Were sore
Ah ha


[Verse 3:]
I've been down on my luck for so long
Still a motherfucker try to hold on
Some days, I curse heaven with god
Why is this life so long
When I be thinking I need to do a next song
My niga be like let's go rob
I want you to know I'm a good man
But right now I just don't give a dam
New year, I got a brand new plan
I'm a kill everyone who don't buy my song
So take out your money bitches
For every song you buy you get naked pictures
I'm the niga reggae missing
A niga who get on the mic and spit what he's thinking
What you think about fags
Niga listennnnn
They don't fuck with me I don't care what they