Time 2 Die Testo

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Testo Time 2 Die

Time to die motherfucker
When I squeeze my nine dutty niga
Your head a fly like kite
You should have never got bright
Me turn the glock and the nine pon you nigas

[Verse 1:]
I don't play dawg
A hundred Viagra couldn't get you this hard
The way me like violence
Me hear you dead and me discharge
Pop off me pistol
Shot snap your neck and broke you like liquid crystal
Guess who step in the room
Ch-n's a mad motherfucker like marvel doctor doom
Bullets' fly thru your girl womb
And a scatter your fucker brains all over the men's room


[Verse 2:]
When di gun dem clicking
And barrel dem spinning
Shot leave you looking like general tso chicken
To make sure that you dead
Me an my nigers dem kick him
Put two ina your face because we think you bullshiting
Fuck you
I don't care if you big like Lurch
Me car go so urks
You eat my desert for dessert
You make loose like when a bitch have birth
You and your bitch eat dirt

[Verse 3:]
I'm a devil worshiper
My nigers practice the occult
Run out of bullets we fling lightning bolt
Buss fi me gun and the new York start jolt
"I would like to save him maam
But we can't find no pulse"
Great work niga, now let's light up the blunt
Murder you mooma and fucking drink har blunt
"Ch-n see di boy whey call you a punk"
Quick Loose pass me my gun